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The final Radio Luxembourg episode sees DMC’s Tony Prince back in Luxembourg with his DJ colleagues, friends and fans recounting some of the memories that made this radio station the most unique in the history of broadcasting.

The memories may sound quite unbelievable or an exaggeration of the facts but every word and every tale is true.

Tony believes the magic of the station was similar to that of the pirate ships where his own radio career began.

“Every radio station has a team”, explains Tony, “But how many have teams who are thrown together in circumstances where their only friends are their colleagues, where they work and play together 24/7”?

There were four distinct DJ generations working for Radio Luxembourg, (affectionately named 208 after it’s AM frequency).

The first generation were 1933 – 1966 when most programmes were pre-recorded in London with a skeletal staff of two or three DJs based in Luxembourg.

From the 50’s into the 60’s 208 DJs became household names because every household across Great Britain, Europe and especially Scandinavia, tuned in every night.

The second generation were the apre-pirate DJs who came from Radio Caroline, London, and 270 the pirate stations highlighted in previous episodes. There were exceptions such as Noel Edmonds (first ever DJ job) and David ‘Kid’ Jensen’ (16 year old Canadian) but they created the first Luxembourg based live DJ team throwing away the script and style of their fore-runners.

Until this team Luxembourg’s English Service sold blocks of air time to the UK record labels. Now, with the public having enjoyed the pirate ships, that all came to an end. These DJs from 1967 chose their own music and the artists queued to catch a plane to be interviewed and promote their latest releases.

When RTL decided to close down the Medium Wave English Service the last generation of Luxy DJs found themselves broadcasting on satellite but by now the BBC had established Radio 1 and 2 and the ILR commercial radio network had taken the listeners.

In a future episode we will explore radio today and radio tomorrow. But for now, enjoy radio yesterday when Luxembourg was king.


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