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Episodes 6 & 7 covered the Radio Caroline & Radio London 60’s pirate ships and their fight with the British Labour Government. This time DMC’s Tony Prince gives you a guided tour through DJ history looking at the Pirate Forts in the Thames estuary where one was launched by Screaming Lord Sutch. DJ Mark Wesley revisits his own career on Radio 270 off the coast of Scarborough, Yorkshire and Radio Scotland gives birth to Richard Park who today has become the most powerful man in British radio as head of Global Radio.

Here’s the pirate ship that launched the career of Stuart Henry the future BBC/Radio Luxembourg star DJ who suffered and died from Multiple Sclerosis.

With rare and unseen footage from this music revolution we are guests at the Radio Caroline North wedding of DJ Mick Luvzit & Jan Teret.
This surely was the boat that rocked although, as we will see, Paul Burnett was one of the many DJs who couldn’t stand too much rockin’!


History Of DJ