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The History of DJ promises to be one of the most exhaustive DJ documentaries ever made. Produced by DMC the company who have staged the DMC World DJ Championships since 1985. The DJ’s story covers UK pirate radio to the foundation of Ibiza as the clubbing capital of the world. Ibiza rocks and manumission owner Andy McKay speaking from Ibiza’s famous pikes hotel describes his early experiences in gangster ridden Manchester where clublands drug baron’s threatened to burn him to the ground.

The series meets the founding DJs and promoters of Ibiza and the great turntable influences in London’s 60’s and New York’s 70’s club scene.

First though the series dips it’s toes into the rock n roll era with Wolfman Jack on the great USA radio stations, WNBC New York, WABC New York, xerb rosarito beach mexico and on to kday los angeles and global syndication. Legendary dj Alan Freed is the DJ who gave birth to the phrase rock ‘n’ roll, known as ‘The Moondog’, Freed was caught up in a career-killing payola scandal but not before delivering some of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll shows ever on stations, WAKR Akron, WJW Cleveland, wins new york and WABC New York. Prior to rock ‘n’ roll radio and the arrival of top 40 radio in America, a programme called ‘make believe ballroom’ hosted by DJ Martin Block on New York’s WNEW paved the way for boogie woogie from which rock ‘n’ roll emerged in the late 40’s and 50’s. Personality disc jockey characters capitalised with unique wild DJ styles and zany presentation of this great newly evolving teenage music.

Whilst 50’s teenagers had their dancehall’s in which to enjoy the newly arriving djs about to eclipse the big bands, the musician’s union introduced needletime restrictions and a ‘keep music live’ policy which stymied the growth of records in ballrooms and vinyl on the bbc light programme.

It wasn’t until the 60’s that teenagers in the UK and Europe were at last given freedom of the airwaves with the arrival of pirate radio ships, Radio Caroline South, Radio Caroline North, Radio London, Radio Scotland, Radio 270, Radio England and the forts around the Thames estuary commandered by DJs including Screaming Lord Sutch. Until the pirate DJs arrived teenagers across Great Britain and Greater Europe & Scandinavia, all relied on Radio Luxembourg on 208 metres am. The 208 jingles ran alongside the great music of The Beatles and Rolling Stones, The Kinks and it was DJs like Noel Edmonds, Paul Burnett, Tony Prince, Mark Wesley, Bob Stewart & Dave Christian, broadcasting nightly from the RTL Studios in the centre of the grand duchy of Luxembourg, delivering the top 20 hits complete with static as they landed in 200 million transistor radios owned by teenagers who hid their receivers beneath their pillows when they were supposed to be asleep.

This very detailed documentary is hosted by Tony Prince, founder of DMC (Disco Mix Club) the company who pioneered the art of the DJ producer, mixing, remixing, megamixing and turntablism via the DMC World DJ Championships. Tony’s authority and passion for the DJ industry is what brings this series to the web. Himself expelled from the musicians union, a ballroom and a pirate radio DJ who became programme director of Radio Luxembourg until he and his family launched the DMC in February 1983.

The online DJ, internet radio, the death & rebirth of vinyl records and the survival of the turntable are all part of the tapestry that is The History of DJ on

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History Of DJ