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History Of DJ - Part 10 - Radio Luxembourg (Part 1)


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The 10th episode in THE HISTORY OF DJ reveals the importance over 60 years of Radio Luxembourg's English Service on 208 metres on the medium wave. Covered in static and broadcasting only at night, Luxembourg was targeting the pop-starved British Isles however, most of Europe was equally deprived of pop music and so it was that kids in the Eastern block could use their radio to escape their confines.

From pre rock 'n' roll to the arrival of the world's first teenage revolution, the station is the birthplace for Presley, Beatles, Stones, Who, Zeppelin and a hand-full of DJs who were gifted with the greatest job on the greatest radio station the world has ever known.

Narrated once again by DMC's Tony Prince who joined 208 after two years on the radio pirate Radio Caroline. Tony eventually became Programme Director of the station spending no less than 16 years, 9 of which he and his family lived in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The greatest names in British radio established themselves here and it is finally revealed, that had Radio Luxembourg never existed, the Beatles would never have heard the music which inspired them to become The Quarrymen.

The DMC TV series has two more Luxembourg episodes in store as the DJs themselves visit their old hunting ground in search of the station and the unbelievable stories they will recall. For now, here's a bumper episode that still only just skims the Radio Luxembourg story.

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