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History Of DJ - Part 11 - Radio Luxembourg (Part 2)


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Here's the second of three nostalgic episodes with DMC's Tony Prince trawling through his film, photographs and memories. In this episode you will see the affection the DJs and listeners had for Radio Luxembourg. It's quite remarkable that a station that only came out at night covered in static on a poor AM frequency, could have impressed the Brits, Europeans and Scandinavians quite as it did.

The secret, Tony insists, is that after the pirates Luxembourg which had entertained kids and grown-ups alike before, during and after the war years, filled a gap other radio station's didn't. It also invested and took chances with new breed DJs, some, like Kid Jensen and Noel Edmonds, who had never before broadcast.

"It was being thrown into a foreign experience, living in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg long before the speaking of English came along with the European Parliament, that formed us as a team, a real team".

The one thing every Luxembourg DJ wanted was to make their station the best in Europe and, frankly, they had very little competition until modern day radio began to cut into their ratings.

The signal couldn't compete.

But Luxembourg had a wonderful, fun-filled run.

In this episode, we get the inside track on all their happiest and wildest memories.

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