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History Of DJ - Part 3


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It's time to begin at the beginning, the day and age when DJs were two World Wars away, the most listened to was Lord Haw Haw, Hitler's propoganda king, an Irish DJ who was hung for his efforts.

The recording device is invented leading to the juke box, the record player and rock 'n' roll radio in America.

Maybe you never knew that the Musicians Union tried to ban DJs in the UK? Why would they? Or that the BBC resisted pop music altogether until along came Johnny Dankworth, Glen Miller and Ted Heath who provided the peacetime jitterbug and heart throbs like Frank Sinatra in the USA and Dickey Valentine in the UK.

Episode 3 takes you to Marconi's invention and the birth of radio. We also witness the evolution of the dancing audience and the arrival of ballroom dancing.

Pirate radio lies in the future together with the Beatles but this is a time for Bill Haley, Elvis Presley and teenage freedom... It's a revolution and it runs at 45 rpm.

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